Our fragrances

The most important aspect of our product.

Refreshing, calming, exciting, sensual... Always excellent. Our oils are made to high standards.

Scented oils are a mixture of etheric oils and a medium which enhances the diffusion of the scent through the wood.

We emphasize the quality of scent as the most important aspect of our product. Your satisfaction is our biggest motivation!

Types of fragrances


Sophisticated and powerful, vanilla is a plant that has been around for centuries. In the 15th century it had been used by the Aztec and Maya civilizations as an aphrodisiac. Its sweet fragrance works calming and stimulating. Combined with the nutty scent of coconut, it will take your mind to a beautiful sand beach and create a feeling of the eternal summer!


Tiny purple flowers of lavender and their delicious floral scent will make you instantly feel happy and relaxed! Lavender is a very versatile plant and is famous of being used in treatments for anxiety and depression. The queen of medicinal plants is being used in alternative medicine for more than 2000 years and its name comes from a Roman (Italian) word “lavare” which means – to wash. Antient Romans recognized its medicinal characteristics and had used lavender water for washing up, as well as an antiseptic - for cleaning wounds. So basically, to stay calm and relaxed even during the rush hour, this is a perfect scent for you!


Apple is known of its religious and mythical importance and as a plant it belongs to the rose family (Rosaceae). In the world there are about 7500 varieties of apples and they all distinguished by their color and their level of sweetness. And who wouldn’t recognize its smell? It brings you straight back to childhood… Hanging in the apple tree, or waiting for grandma’s apple pie to finally be taken out of the oven! This fresh scent will create a fresh and heartwarming atmosphere - on the go!


Blueberries grow in shrub and bushes and their size may vary. They grow all around the world and are being seen as superfood. Rich with nutrients but also known of their unique smell! You don't need to eat a blueberry to enjoy one! Fresh and sharp, their fragrance is definitely going to keep you awake while you're waiting for that traffic light to turn on purple! I mean, green!


Limun, Lemon, Zitroen (not Citroën) - a plant that belongs to the citrus family and is probably also very well know to your family! Who doesn't like lemon? Not it only tastes fresh and delicious, lemon is being used for so many different purposes! Kicking off as a beautiful white flower it ends up as a yellow lemon fruit as we know it. Fresh, unique and irresistible. So, when life gives you lemons – you turn it into... a car fragrance! And yes, it will definitely make you feel better!


What would be one of the first things to come up your mind if we would ask you to describe a tropical paradise? That's right – coconut tree! (If you're lucky enough to harvest some from it's high branches) Coco – nut, as all the nuts - it takes effort to break it open, but when you do! Heaven! Fresh, white, juicy and so nutritious – as well as being used for medicinal purposes – even its fragrance will instantly evoke the memories of the summer! That romance you had last summer – in a bottle! Both hands on the wheel now!

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