Car fragrance


This type of product enables you to select the fragrance you like, the printed image on the bottle as well as the box packaging. Can you already imagine the logo of your company on this product? Share your idea with us - we will make it happen! Contact us today and let us amaze you!

This product contains a cardboard box packaging, a diffuser with the selected fragrance and the black string.

How to use Freshline fragrance diffuser

Hold the bottle tightly with your fingers. Twist the wooden cap to open the bottle and remove the plastic cover. Tighten up the wooden cap back on the bottle. Hang the diffuser on the wanted object so it can swing freely. Do not let it touch other surfaces as the liquid might cause damage. Turn the bottle upside down for 2 seconds so the wooden cap can absorb the liquid and diffuse it into the air (Do this once a week). Intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted with the wooden ring on the string. By pulling the ring closer to the bottle - the bottle will swing less and diffuse less fragrance into the air.


Always hold the bottle upright in order to prevent leakage. Make sure the wooden cap is properly tightened. In case of leakage, wipe the off the liquid of the surface! Leakage could damage the car interior. By not complying to the safety rules stated on the packaging of this product, the manufacturer can not be held responsible for any damage.

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