Let us introduce

Freshline brand is a product of 4 years of work of a small team sharing 1 mission – to present something new, eye-catching and deliciously fragranced!

Our first line of products has been a success from the beginning.
6 different fragrances come in 3 sorts of customizable packaging.

If you are an average employee and you spend a few hours daily in your car commuting to work, then you would surely enjoy a fresh scent in your car.

As Freshline has been recognized and appreciated by our clients - as a gift to their business relations, or a part of their own selling catalogue - we continue innovating and investing in our team which is the foundation of our succesful development.

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Personalize Freshline for the promotion of your own company or make it a part of your own selling catalogue!

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T | +385 99 199 1906

E | freshline@freshline.hr